The Dress from “what color is this dress” demands to be known by its content of character


Back in 2015, the internet was asking “what color is this dress?” with debate raging over whether it was #WhiteAndGold or #BlackAndBlue.

With a poll on Buzzfeed attracting over 1.8 million votes, 72% of readers (though can people who look at Buzzfeed truly be called readers?) went for white and gold despite the fact that the actual dress was indeed black and blue.

One commentator unsurprisingly commentated, “The responses showed the effect of systematic racism in America, it was no wonder that Trump got elected the following year.”

The debate about “what color is this dress?” still rages today but has become increasingly politicised by the Black Dresses Matter movement who have been rioting campaigning  to raise the plight of other dresses whose color has been over-looked.

However, it appears that no-one actually took the time to actually ask the dress what it wanted.  So we at the Cee bring you this exclusive interview:

Reporter: “Obviously, you’ve become famous through the #BlackAndBlue and #WhiteAndGold hashtag war, but was that really your dream growing up?”

Dress: “No, I have a dream that dresses will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their color, but by the content of their character.”

Reporter: “But isn’t that just an excuse used by women to ignore the actual price tag and implore their husbands to buy it?”

Dress: “I’m quite offended by that sexist comment. Dresses are worth their price tags – to suggest otherwise is to ignore our unique lived-in experience – even if it is only once or twice that we are worn.” 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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