Trump Not Racist, Prefers Polo


Since his inauguration, President Trump has repeatedly denied being a racist. Up until now, the press had been unwilling to push harder on this issue for fear of a career-ending backlash on Twitter.

Salty Cee reporter, Furious Christian, secured an interview about this very issue since he has little credibility to lose:

Furious: “Mr. President, many allegations have been made against you that you don’t care about people and some have flat-out said that you are racist. Can you provide some examples that demonstrate your claimed lack of racism?”

President Trump: “Look. Believe me, I’ve heard all the fake news about me. People call me a loser and a liar and a racist. They’re idiots. Don’t know anything.”

Furious: “Mr. President, can you give specific examples of inclusive behavior and decisions that would stop the racism narrative?”

President Trump: “Listen to my words. I’ve never been to a single race. Not once ever. Never. Only hillbillies and losers are racist. I’ve never seen a NASCAR race, a drag race, or a horse race. I do like horses though. Polo is a good game. I’ve got lots of friends who play polo”

“I guess if people want to call me a poloist, I’m okay with that, but I’m no racist.”

Furious: “Mr. President, I don’t think you…”

Secret Service: “No further questions…”

I think that clears things up perfectly.

Reporter: Furious Christian

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