Trump & Sadiq Khan to remake the wrath of Khan


Trump UK visit June 2019: President Trump and Sadiq Khan have sought to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings by a re-making the classic Star Trek Film: The Wrath of Khan.

The newly titled film: The Wrath of (Sadiq) Khan features the London Mayor in the lead role of the genetically morally superior being with Trump playing the eponymous Captain James T Kirk.

London replaces Ceti Alpha V and Brexit and Khan’s mishandling of his role as Mayor replaces Ceti Alpha VI exploding and changing the whole ecosystem.  Soon it becomes an unstable environment full of knife crime, poor transportation and staff overspending.

Social media replaces the Ceti Eels and Khan has used this to its full effect to wrap itself around the cerebral cortex of Londoners’ brains, rendering the victim susceptible to any command.  As such he has turned rational people into mobs that protest against Trump and attack any of his supporters for his anti-women policies.  Clearly, any sane person not influenced by these Ceti eels would have made far more of a protest when Saudia Arabia’s Crown Prince visited or China’s president.

Airforce one replaces the USS Enterprise as Trump and Khan trade insults through cyberspace shooting photon Tweets at each other.

Finally, the news outlets replace the Mutara Nebula which blind the good senses of each side so that they cannot see the true target.

It’s early days, but this Wrath of Khan remake could even kick start the Star Trek franchise after its recent flops.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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