UK Supreme Court Ruling bad news for vegetables


This week the UK Supreme Court ruled that legal permission is no longer required to withdraw treatment from patients in a permanent vegetative state as long as doctors and the family are in agreement.

Previously hospitals and hydroponic farmers had to pay up to £50,000 in legal fees before they could remove feeding tubes so that vegetables could be dehydrated to death.

This naturally hurt profits and meant that family members had their social life curtailed for months and sometimes years before they could get their inheritance. 

Vegans hailed the decision as a “triumph for herbivores everywhere”. 

But not everyone is pleased.  The organisation “Vegetables are Human Too”, whose patron is the famous actor Bob the Tomato, stated:

“We are concerned and disappointed in this decision.  Since we vegetables are, by nature, always in a persistent vegetative state then without these safe guards we can only live in fear of going to hospital or being grown on a farm.”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible


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