Woman seeking Fountain of Youth lands unbeatable deal on plastic surgery


Each of us can relate to the dilemma that Esther McMillan faced as she wrapped up her eighth consecutive hour on Google after visiting each page in her search criteria.

The search engine and political activist organization offered 19,431,201 results for “Fountain of Youth,” but it wasn’t until Esther was visiting the last option that some clickbait appeared on her screen and it was exactly what she was looking for.

McMillan, who just turned 86, was trying to find a way to stay younger, so she did what any logical human being would do: she Googled it. Was she discouraged as she scrolled down the last page of over 19 million results? In her words, “You betcha!”

However, Esther persevered until she finally found what she was looking for—something magical to subtract years from her life. Who knew there would be a birthday sale on plastic surgery?

For all of you who are still looking for the Fountain of Youth, quit searching for things related to “Ponce de Leon” and start Googling “plastic surgery.” It could change your life and your face for the rest of your life! Just as Esther McMillan who our sources say doesn’t look a day over 85! 

Reporter: Angry Nursery Worker

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