All new prayer warrior kit available!

Church Life

Do you want to be thought of as a super spiritual prayer warrior at church?

Do you want people to seek you out asking you to pray for them?

You would love for this to be true but you just don’t have the time to pray that much.

The next best thing to being a prayer warrior is looking and sounding like one.

Pop over to our website and buy a “Prayer Warrior Kit”.

Each kit includes:

  • an old tattered bible with underlines and pages falling out
  • an equally old beat up prayer journal
  • a cross necklace made out of nails
  • and of course jeans with holes in the knees from those countless hours of intersession
  • a handy DVD teaching you the proper facial expressions to use and when to insert those moans and yes Lord’s into your prayers.

All this for $19.99!

Order today so you can look super spiritual tomorrow:

Don’t forget to also get the “pray for you” app where you get professionals to do the messy business of praying on your behalf.

Now back to your life, those “Friends” reruns can’t watch themselves.

Reporter: Peter James

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