Calling all Christians with a sense of humour!

Church Life

Is your sense of humour driving everyone in your household crazy during this time of Corona virus lockdown?

Are you looking for a healthy outlet for your humour?

Do you want to make a practical difference to people during this crisis?

Then we at the Cee need you!

Following the success of David Smith’s excellent Translators work on a Corona Virus Version of the Bible article, we thought: “Why don’t we actually write this version?”

And then we thought: “Why don’t we give all the profits to help charities that are supporting people during this time?”

And then shockingly we had a third thought in the row (before we were quite exhausted): “Why don’t we let our readers contribute towards it too?”

If you’re up for the challenge then hope over to our Corona Virus Version Bible page which gives all the details.

If you’re not then please pray for that people would be protected from any side effects of our writing. 

Alternatively, you could pray that God would by his mercy help us write something funny.

Both kinds of prayers work for us.

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