Children’s Pastor Excited About New Security System

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PACIFICA, CA. As the new year of Sunday school begins at Pacifica Community Assembly, the ultra-hip congregation in the suburbs of San Francisco, the preschool is full of exceptional children.

Children’s Pastor Luke Wade said, “We are truly excited to have such a great group of children, the parents have let me know how special these kids are and the need to keep them safe.”

As parents drop off their children in the classroom each one checks into the new security system; a quick trip through the metal detector, past the K-9 bomb sniffing station and a security guard escorts them to class for one last pat down before they are handed over to the two background checked, armed Sunday School teachers.

We asked a parent dropping off if the security was a bit too much, “I suppose it’s for the best given the unsettling times we live in now.”

With monitored security cameras in each room the volunteers are freed up to teach and not have to worry about any false accusations.

Pastor Wade did have regrets about having to wait till next year for the retina scanner but he thinks they will be ok till next year’s budget is in place.

Talking with one parent who did have concerns about what she viewed as a major hole in security she pointed out, “The play area is in an enclosed courtyard but there is no covering on it. A man could easily repel from the roof and snatch one of our precious children before we even knew what happened.”

Pastor Wade smiled and wrote down the suggestion while pointing out the 4 armed security guards stationed at all times on the playground.

Reporter: Peter James

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