Easter service gospel message ruined by rogue note

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As every pastor knows, Christmas and Easter services are the only times most people set foot inside a church.  And so lead Pastor Bob Jenkins and his team at Agape Table Church had been practising their recent Easter service for over a month.

“We knew it had to be perfect or God wouldn’t use our efforts to reach the people,” said Keyboardist Ricky “fantastic fingers” McJohnson, “I had practised not only the songs but also all the background music for the pre-service time, the prayers and the all-important altar call over 50 times.”

Sadly for Ricky disaster struck.  “There was a high pollen count and my nose was streaming.  As I wrestled a tissue to my nose one of my fingers slipped and hit a wrong note during the all important swell of music just before the conclusion of Bob’s message.”

A single tear splashed down Ricky’s cheek as Pastor Bob picked up the story.

“With so much competition between churches on these key dates you have to get everything spot on,” sighed Bob, “and after that awful note a young couple just got up and walked out.  I…I lost my focus, and during the extended pause another three visitors followed them.  I quickly concluded the message but not even the extensive spread of coffee and doughnuts was able to kept the rest of the visitors from heading straight to the exit as fast as they could.”

This marks the second Easter in a row that Agape Table Church messed up. Last year the assistant pastor misread Golgotha as Gollum. 

“Because of our mistake those visitors will never get to know more about the God who welcomes us no matter what we do and who can use us for His glory despite our weakness,” laments Bob.

We can only hope and pray with Bob and his church that they get everything right next year.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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