Lesser-known virus themed movie recommendations for lockdown

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From the people who brought you inappropriate Sunday school theological movies (that’s us by the way) we bring you a list of lesser known virus themed movies to watch during Coronavirus lockdown.

Yes, our experts at the Cee know a thing or two, it’s just unfortunate that it’s not movies.  However, since they are working for free we can’t really complain.

  1. The Family Man: A husband survives being laid off of work during a pandemic.
  2. Snatch: A group of aggressive shoppers purchase every bottle of hand sanitizer.
  3. The Count of Montecristo: A man is unjustly put on lockdown, then escapes and coughs on the perpetrator.
  4. Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders: A small town discovers the last store that still has toilet paper.
  5. Willow: The talking tree from Pocahontas comes to terms with her new fate: being made into toilet paper.
  6. War of the Worlds: Aliens visit earth and all catch the Coronavirus.
  7. Space Mutiny: An astronaut is detained for violating stay-at-home orders
  8. Prince of Space: A man shows the world how to keep a distance of at least six feet.
  9. Dangerous Liaisons: A man leaves the house without wearing a facial mask!
  10. The VelociPastor: After losing his parents to COVID-19, a priest travels to China and learns how to become a virus killing dinosaur.

Did we miss any?  Let us know!

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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