Pure Flix sees Hollywood Film come to Christ!

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For God so loved the world – not just the people – but the whole world.  And go and preach the gospel to the whole world – not just to people.

So we at Pure Flix are taking this command literally and are focusing evangelising films.

“We hang around in the DVD sections of shops and preach the Gospel to those films on the shelves.  Since the films aren’t likely to leave the shop on their own – they’re a captive audience!” says Bob Smith, leading evangelist at Pure Flix.

“Occasionally, I see films just leaping off the shelf into my basket asking to be saved from my preaching.  So I lead them through a salvation prayer and they become Christian films.”

“Well then I take them home and disciple them for a month, which involves getting to know their story and praying with them so they will experience new life!” says Bob excitedly, “Then when I think they’re ready I lead them back into the marketplace to tell others about their new found life.”

When our reporter at the Cee asked about the quality of these “Christian” films Bob sighs and says, “Look, when they come to Christ and are led through my script writing discipleship process they become a new creation and Jesus said that they have to deny themselves and follow him.  And, well, sometimes that includes a decent plot line or actors who aren’t made of wood.  But Jesus said that those who leave behind plots and quality actors would receive a hundredfold more both in this life and in the life to come.  This is probably where all these cool ideas come from.”

We press Bob about that Hollywood film that we used as clickbait in the title to lure in readers.

“Ah…well…what I meant was that I read the outline of a Hollywood film that I met in the store and so came up with this similar script that was “Christian” and family friendly.  You know, so people don’t have to sully themselves with media from that filthy cesspit.  I wrote it imagining what that film would have been like if it had actually come to Christ.  Sadly, since my salary is mostly spiritual I didn’t have the money to liberate the actual film from the store.  I tried to explain to the security guard that the film had said the sinner’s prayer and wanted to leave his old life behind but he just called the police.”

We at the Cee were impressed with this man’s dedication.  If you would like to support Bob and his noble work seeing Christ transform films then you can donate through his webpage here

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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