St Paul demoted from being an apostle

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Yesterday it was announced that St Paul could no longer call himself an apostle. 

Theologian and cessationalist Costi W Hinn (definitely no relation to Benny Hinn) tweeted yesterday that anyone who claims to be an apostle must be able to perform miraculous signs “consistently at all hours of the day and in all environments”.

Sadly, since St Paul was unable to heal Timothy of his stomach complaint and other illnesses (1 Tim 5:23) and so had to recommend that he drink wine (which also caused problems for those who believe alcohol is from the devil).  Further, he was unable to deliver himself from the thorn in his flesh or from his untimely death. 

Similarly the disciples who were called apostles in Matthew 10 were unable to cast out a demon from a child in Matthew 17 and should therefore no longer be considered apostles.

Some have criticised Costi W Hinn’s definition of an apostle as unattainable as even Jesus was unable to perform miracles in his home town of Nazareth (Mk 6:5). 

However Costi retorted that Jesus said that the disciples would be able to do “even greater things” than him (Jn 14:12).

But sadly it appears that none of Jesus’ followers lived up to this. 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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