Taco Bell cuts menu to halt Mexican cultural appropriation


Taco Bell cuts menu again to make it a “faster and more seamless restaurant experience” and it even more environmental friendly and cultural sensitive!

Yes, you heard it right.

Despite cutting 9 products from its menu on Sept 12 2019 (including Cool Ranch and Fiery Doritos Locos Tacos, chips and salsa and the Double Decker Taco) and then another 12 items in August 13 2020 (including Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, Nachos Supreme, 7-Layer Burrito and Loaded Grillers), Taco Bell just announced that they will be eliminating a further 5 menu items on Nov 5 2020 (Mexican Pizza, pico de gallo and all shredded chicken offerings).

With many people surprised that they had anything left to cut from the menu, we at the Cee can confirm that they do indeed have exactly one item left.

Mike Grams, Taco Bell president and global COO, released the following statement:

“We’re constantly evaluating ways to provide a more efficient restaurant experience, and have already begun to see progress from streamlining our menu down to only 6 items. While we know fans may be understandably sad to see all their favorites go, the latest Taco Bell menu makes it even easier for customers to decide what they want to order. Having a menu of just one item will reduce ordering times to under a second!”

However, not only do these latest changes dramatically speed up ordering times but they’re also good for the environment:

“Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza packaging accounted for more than 7 million pounds of paperboard material per year in the U.S., by removing this item and many others we have dramatically reduced our carbon footprint.”

“We currently considering offering nothing to eat – which will effectively reduce our packaging to zero! A first for any non-government company!”

But in addition, to faster and easier ordering and environmental concerns, Taco Bell COO confirms that this is part of their latest sensitivity drive:

“We realised that white Americans selling ‘Mexican’ food is actually an appalling case of cultural appropriation. That’s why our single menu item will be a burger and we’ll be dropping the name ‘Taco’.”

Like the Washington Redskins Football Team, Taco Bell may just become ‘Bell’, ‘the restaurant formerly known as Taco Bell’ or even ‘All White People Are Racists Bell’. 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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