Ultimate halloween evangelism techniques…honest!

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 What is a Christian to do with Halloween? Is the holiday merely a shout of praise to gluttony, fear, and occultism? No, Halloween is much more than that!

As any faithful Christian knows, holidays can be used to evangelize. The Pope has been using holidays to evangelize throughout history and in no way has any Pope ever done anything questionable.

In order to reach out to others during the holidays you will need the right tools. During Easter, a number of Christians used chocolate Easter bunnies to evangelize. Halloween presents you with many more evangelistic resources.

Tool #1: Greet Trick-or-Treaters

What could be a better, more efficient way to preach the gospel than delivering your message while atheists are up all night knocking on your door?! To do this, fill up treat bags with biblical tracts, Bibles, and pieces of candy. Should there not be enough room in the bags for candy, just leave that part out.

If you are feeling especially generous this year, throw in an exhaustive concordance.

Tool #2: Wear a Biblical Halloween Costume

Hallmark released these recently, and the costumes have our full endorsement as an effective outreach item.

If a new Halloween costume is too expensive for you, just put on a red bathrobe and tell everyone you’re the Spanish Inquisition. With this costume, you can show up unexpected then spend your Halloween night apologizing to everyone you talk to.

Tool #3: Abstain From Halloween Entirely

Nothing convinces an Atheist to become a Christian more than a believer who constantly shakes their head no at everything! On Halloween, turn off your lights and lock your door and pretend that it’s just another night. And be sure not to tell anyone on social media that you are swearing off Halloween, seeing as that would not be very humble.

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