2020 democratic candidates tax return shock


Some of the 2020 democratic candidates have publicly released their tax returns to show how different they are to President Trump.

However, Business Insider raised concerns about how their spending contradicted their policies.

With the exception of Joe Biden, the 2020 democratic candidates seem to favour more socialist policies to sort out society’s problems, with greater government control supported by higher taxes.  But the democratic hopefuls levels of charitable giving tell a different story.

Kamala Harris       Earned $1,889,156    Charitable giving 1.4%
Elizabeth Warren  Earned $846,394       Charitable giving 5.9%
Bernie Sanders     Earned $561,293       Charitable giving 1%
Beto O’Rourke      Earned $375,406       Charitable giving 0.3%
Amy Klobuchar     Earned $338,121       Charitable giving 1.8%
Kirsten Gillibrand Earned $214,083       Charitable giving 1.8%
Jay Inslee                Earned $202,912      Charitable giving 4%
Cory Booker           Earned $152,715      Charitable giving 15.7%

We can see that in every case but one these 2020 democratic candidates have charitable giving that is much smaller than the average American family in their income range. 

This is as it should be – because under socialism it is the government’s job to provide for the marginalised and not the individual.

However, it is clear that Cory Booker just didn’t get the memo.  How can he claim to even be democrat when he is just giving away far too much?

How will this convince people that he is someone who will seek to bring change with this kind of deviant behaviour?

However, O’Rourke has become a front runner after showing his commitment to letting someone else do it, which is the favoured position by much of the public.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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