Archaeologist finds Early Church theological degrees


Famous historian, theologian, and archaeologist Joelsten Vamusten has stumbled upon a remarkable discovery in the qumran caves, a large hidden cache of theological degrees ranging from Masters to Doctorates dating from 60-90 A.D.

“These all had one thing in common,” stated Dr. Vamusten, “each degree correlated to the name of a member within the early church.”

Remarkably, the reformed church has gone wild with mild nodding and shaking of hands, as word of this discovery spreads through the Christian community.

One Presbyterian pastor remarked, “This news is the best news we’ve received in a long time. It finally gives us a personal connection to the early church”.

What makes this find so interesting is the connection it has to a previous archaeological early church discovery, a new member suggestion box filled with comments. It gives insight to the odd remarks such as:

“What did the pastor mean by ‘the original greek interpretation’? Paul wrote the letter like 2 years ago”

“I was told that I couldn’t bring an up an argument because I only have a Bachelors degree in Tent Making”

“So we are calling ourselves ‘Christians’? what about ‘Jesusites’?”

Reporter: ProtestAnt-Man

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