Brexit: UK politicians admit they have no idea what they want


After three and a half years since beginning the Brexit process, British MPs finally admit that they have no idea what they want.

80% of the parties elected said they would honour the referendum that voted for Brexit and then quickly changed their mind after they were elected. 

Despite them calling for repeat referendums until the people agree with MPs no second referendum has actually been voted for.

Theresa May (former PM) stated that “no deal rather than a bad deal” promptly obtained the worst deal ever which made the UK a vassal state of the EU and tried three times to get parliament to agree to it.

Labour who said they supported Brexit have a strange way of showing it.  They have voted against May’s deal and no-deal and seem to think that they can get a better deal by being prepared to accept anything the EU offers.  They’d then put this deal to the electorate but campaign against leaving.  It’s no wonder that people are confused about what exactly they are standing for.

To add to the confusion, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader campaigned for a general election in July now opposes a general election and is instead campaigning against the Banker’s Brexit despite the fact that all banks wanted remain. On the bright side, it will be a short and victorious campaign.

The Lib Dems have always been against Brexit and have campaigned for another referendum but say that any referendum is only advisory and MPs should do “what is best for the country”.  It’s lovely that they are sincere in their offer to ignore the electorate.  They too have called for a general election but then voted against the call for a general election…

The SNP are campaigning against Brexit which would cause economic misery as the EU is the UK’s biggest trading partner but are also campaigning to leave the UK and endure the economic misery of losing England, their biggest trading partner.

Rumours are circulating that parliament is actually taking part in a Monty Python sketch and that normality will return soon.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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