China criticises America for not silencing media about racism


The Chinese Foreign Ministry took America to task for not doing enough to ensure silence in the American media about racism.

“Black lives matter and their human rights should be guaranteed,” said China’s Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson on Monday, “It is a sign of a weak and crumbling nation that such things are reported in the news. We don’t have any racism in our official news channels.”

Our Salty Cee correspondent asked the Foreign Ministry about China’s continued oppression of Christians and the Uyghur Muslims.

“These issues are being stirred up by your out-of-control media are religious in nature and not the systematic racism seen only in America.  Not one of these disappeared people has made any official complaint of mistreatment. Our media has not deemed these small issues worthy of their time.”

But what about the treatment of Africans in the Chinese city of Guangzhou

“Again, you are misinformed. We are merely taking actions to keep our official COVID-19 death toll low.  The mandatory surveillance, testing, additional quarantines, evictions and exclusions for all African nationals in the city is part of that.”

We’ll bring you more details once our reporter returns from their visit to a Chinese re-education camp to better understand the true situation…

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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