cis-women celebrate transgender sport domination


In 5 short years since the Democrats passed the LGBTQ anti-discrimination bill back in 2019 and cis-women are proud to celebrate the transgender athletes that are dominating women’s sporting events.

“I can’t believe how bigotted we were back then about letting trans-women athletes compete in women’s sports,” says Molly a former women’s powerlifter champion, “I mean back then we used to think that banning trans-women like JayCee was the right call saying that she had a male competitive advantage.  But we see now that we were just jealous of their success.”

Jean a former long-distance runner champion added, “I mean I used to quote research that showed former men had a muscle memory advantage – it even led to me being banned from Twitter – but now I see just how unscientific that research was as true science is always morally right.”

“I too felt the same thing and initially agreed with cis-women like Martina Navratilov and Paula Radcliffe who said that these equality bills would cause transgender women to eliminate cis-women in sport,” says Maz a former women’s boxing champion, “but their domination is clearly a testament to their hard work and we should celebrate that.  People who don’t are just compounding the rejection they have felt all their life for being different.”

“Some cis-women have the silly view that there’s no longer any point in trying,” says Alice a former women’s rowing champion, “but looking at the success of these trans-women is inspiring all of us to achieve more.  I only wish that the trans-men could see the same level of success.”

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