How to tell the difference between Fox News and The Babylon Bee


Confused  between Fox News and The Babylon Bee?

Can’t tell your news from your satire?

Well, you’re not alone!

Kyle Mann, the editor in Chief at the Bee, took great pleasure that liberals were unironically sharing one of their articles about NBA players wearing lace collars, but then President Trump also shared one last month…

But never fear, in the NY Times interview, Kyle stated, “He does know it’s satire. We are assured.”


However, that all fell apart when the President tweeted another Babylon Bee article and it was clear to everyone that Trump genuinely thought it was Fox News:

Well it could happen to anyone as there’s nothing about it being fake news, satire or even funny on their article page.

So we at the Cee present this handy guide to help you spot the difference between the two.

So you can see, the key to spotting which is which is in the submission of news ideas. 

How would you spot that?

Well, the giveaway is this little line at the bottom of the article:

That’s right. Jackson Baker paid $10 a month to be a premium member so he can submit his idea.

If you need a premium subscription to submit a headline – then it’s definitely the Babylon Bee and not Fox News.

You’re welcome.

And if right now you’re probably feeling incredibly grateful for our helpful guide, then we thought we’d mention that you can sign up for our exclusive premium membership that blocks our content to keep you safe from our terrible jokes.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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