Local Pentecostal church gives congregation social distancing “prayer poles”


With some churches beginning to meet again after the lockdown, pastors are struggling to find innovative ways to navigate the difficulties of social distancing. 

Whether that be the Roman Catholics hiring a hibachi chef to serve mass or Baptists using mannequins to enforce distancing.

However most congregants have responded positively during this time, with 80% reporting that social distancing measures have drastically improved greeting times.

The exception has been our extrovert brothers and sisters in the Pentecostal church who are finding this whole six foot thing too challenging.

However, one local Pentecostal church pastor has come up with a solution that has been an overnight success and has quickly spread throughout the denomination:

Pentecostal Prayer Poles™

These 6 foot poles have fake hands attached to one of their end to help the “touchy-freely” Pentecostal congregation carry out their typical church activities like meet and greet time, laying on of hands prayer, casting out demons and fire tunnels.

Now all of these tasks can be completed from 6 feet away!

Congregants can even upgrade with exchangeable hand attachments.

The sponge finger-tipped “anointing” hand, the extra strong “push over” hand, and, of course, the cupped “side-hug” hand are among the congregants’ current favourites. 

Mannequin hands available from Dhgate
Idea: Marc Johnson
Written by: John Spencer

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