Man Showers 4 Days In A Row During Quarantine – Contacted By Nobel Committee


SCRANTON, PA: When Michael Scarn (not his real name) answered his phone yesterday, he never would have guessed who would be on the other end.

“It was just another ordinary day of quarantine. I can’t go to work, as apparently office supplies are not ‘essential’. Let’s see if their tune changes when they can’t make any more copies of CDC guidelines. Anyway, since I had nothing better to do than listen to another robocall, I picked up.”

Earlier that day, Michael had posted on Facebook what many agreed was his least boring post in some time.

A selfie of Michael with wet hair and thumbs up was accompanied with the caption, “Showered again today! That makes four days in a row, even though nobody cares! Pretty sweet!”

Though Michael admits he expected little if any response judging by his past posts, the post quickly went viral, with likes, comments and shares reaching double digits. Then the phone rang.

“I answered just like I always do: ‘Yellow’, you know, like ‘Hello’ but funnier. The voice on the other end said ‘Yes this is the Nobel prize committee. Can we speak to Michael?’ I was speechless. I knew that showering four days in a row in these conditions was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but a Nobel prize? It suddenly made all those showers worthwhile.”

Scarn also admitted that after about two minutes of conversation, the committee person realized they had a wrong number, apologized, and quickly hung up.

“Still,” says Scarn, “now I’ll always have that story of how I almost won a Nobel prize to tell my grandkids.”

Reporter: Jack J. Bennett

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