Nation divided over which Kanye outfit offended them more


Kanye West performed three songs last night on the 44th season premiere of SNL hosted by Adam Driver.

The first song “I love it” was a duet with Lil Pump.  West and Lil Pump rapped whilst dressed as Perrier and Fiji water bottles, respectively.

The third song, “Ghost Town”, West performed with 070 Shake, Kid Cudi, and Ty Dolla $ign. During this performance, Kanye sported a red MAGA cap.

For Trump supporters, the red cap worn by a celebrity on prime TV was a watershed moment and brought much rejoicing and tears of happiness even though his speech was cut off. 

However, the large Perrier bottle outfit was not something that demonstrates the soundness of mind of their spokesperson.

For the opposition were delighted by the Perrier bottle outfit as that “proves beyond a doubt that Kanye has lost his mind and so that’s the only reason he would support Trump.

However, they were greatly frustrated by his MAGA cap as it looked rather silly calling an African American a “Nazi” or “racist” which is the standard go-to response on such occasions.

Fortunately, Kanye clearly realised that his attempts to bring more love to the US would not be achieved by outfits alone.

So magnanimously before his SNL performance, Kanye changed his name to “ye” so that both sides could agree on just how ridiculous it was.

The effect of this one tweet to help bring America together again has already had senators from both camps are rushing to include it as part of schools Core Curriculum for American History.
God bless you Mr West.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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