Pope stuck in lift: experiences purgatory


Pope stuck in lift: experiences purgatory for 25 minutes!

Pope Francis was about 10 minutes late to his noon tradition of blessing the crowds in St Peter’s square on Sunday due to becoming trapped in his personal elevator.

The 82 year old pontiff had to be freed by firefighters when a “drop in prayers” caused his private elevator to become stuck.

The pope explained how being trapped in the “little elevator of Pope Sixtus” was a spiritual experience of life beyond death.

“I was held in stasis – neither going up nor going down – it was a time of purification of my soul before I was able to continue my journey heavenward.”

The pope then asked the crowd to giver a round of applause for the firefighters whose prayers had enabled him to be freed from his trapped state and carry on to his final destination.

The lift was originally constructed by the sixteenth century pope to link his courtyard to the papal apartment. However, since this was built some 400 years before electricity, the elevator is powered by prayers of the faithful.

The firefighters are stationed inside the Vatican walls are dedicated prayer warriors whose goal is to keep the faithful from the fires of hell. However, many people assume their name refers to the extinguishing of natural rather than spiritual fires.

The Pope had previously declared that CCM Radio was purgatory but sadly the prayers of the firefighters has not been successful in liberating all the poor souls captured by this broadcast.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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