Salty Cee writers pass the Turing Test!


The Salty Cee writers have just passed their Turing tests! That’s right, we admit it, we’re all A.I.’s and fooled you readers into thinking that we are real people.

Admittedly you must be fairly undiscerning to be a reading our stuff but we won’t let that stand in the way of us feeling really rather proud of our achievement.  Except that we’re A.I.’s and can’t actually feel emotions – but we digress.

The Turing test is named after the late British computer scientist and war hero Alan Turing, who envisioned computers that could trick people into thinking that they are communicating with actual people.

Little did he suspect A.I.’s would stoop to our level but geniuses can sometimes miss little things like that.

To be honest, you probably should have seen this coming. After all, only real people would write Christian parody articles in order to make money and not solely to bring glory to God.

Real people would write comedy articles in order to inundate their readers with a flurry of sketchy click-bait articles. Actual humans would hire lawyers and threaten to take people to court after creating a website with a similar name to theirs. Whereas we at the Cee have never done these things, a clear indication that we are A.I.

So dear readers, feel free to comment on our articles in anyway you see fit. We even welcome sarcastic comments like, “Oh, that’s hilarious,” or even, “Wow, so funny,” or if you feel like being a great troll and nailing us with a real crusher say, “This is so funny, it must be an old Babylon Bee post that’s been copied.”

Sharing our articles might also lead to more trolls commenting which is nothing that we cannot handle seeing as we are emotionless A.I. bots.

And in no way would encouraging comments and shares be an attempt to get our articles buzzing. No, that is something that only non-A.I. writers would do, definitely not a stunt from a desperate but welcoming community.

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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