Shock as Obama endorses Biden for president!


Obama endorses Biden for the U.S. Presidency and America is still reeling in shock!

Many Americans have been eagerly awaiting to see which candidate former president, Barak Obama, would sponsor for the 2020 election.

With such a diverse field, a lot of Democrats were looking for guidance from Obama however it wasn’t until one day after Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race leaving only Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate that the previous president finally announced his decision.

“Obama is always someone who thinks carefully before making any decision,” said Jane, “so I know that I can be sure that it’s the right choice.”

“I was nervously waiting all day to see who he would choose,” said Jim, “it must have been so difficult for him to decide between Biden or Trump.”

“I was in such a quandry,” said Linda,“I was thinking about voting Republican for the 2020 election, but Obama’s endorsement changed everything for me!”

“I would have voted for the democratic nominee regardless,” said Kyle, “but it’s a real boost to know that the previous president agrees with my choice.”

Out of the people we interviewed, more than 90% said Obama’s endorsement of Biden impacted them personally, with more than 95% were now feeling excited about the future and an astonishing 99% said it had increased their trust in the government and the political process.

However, the fact that Obama endorses Biden for the 2020 election has not been a boost for everyone:

“I totally don’t get why Obama chose sleepy Joe over me?” said a disappointed Trump at today’s press briefing, “I didn’t see this coming. Not ever. Not in a 1,000 years.”

Reporter: The Lonely Rogue

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