UK Brexit: Queen to pardon Guy Fawkes


On 5th November the British celebrate Guy Fawkes Night (or Fireworks night as it’s known to those with less sense of history). A chance to remember how democracy was saved from a rather unfortunate demise due to 36 barrels of gunpowder stored in cellars under Westminster.

The Queen (of England obviously – who else would we be referring to?) has issued a posthumous pardon to Guy Fawkes for his attempt at blowing up parliament.

Some 414 years later, she has realised that he really rather had the right idea and could have stopped this whole Brexit mess before it had even got started.

Sadly, the pardon has come too late for Guy Fawkes to finish what he started. And anyway, democracy has long been killed off by the current politicians who keep asking for another Brexit referendum until people get it right and now have begun an early election so that the impasse can last just that much longer.

However, given the foresight that Guy Fawkes’ actions have shown, some people are calling him a prophet. Whereas others are calling him a financial genius due to the amount of money that would have been saved by not having politicians in the first place.

Either way there is a sense of mourning this Guy Fawkes Night as the British contemplate what might have been. 

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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