Cannibals unimpressed by Body of Christ

Church Life

After getting a taste for Christian missionaries, Cannibals were found to prefer Protestants to Roman Catholics

However, the cannibals soon became aware of something called the Body of Christ that the missionaries ate as part of their faith.

“Since these Christians are tasty then it stands to reason that this Body of Christ they eat should also be tasty!” said one Cannibal whose name we couldn’t spell.

When the cannibals heard from the Catholic missionaries they were preparing to eat that this Body of Christ was literally the Body of God’s son, excitement grew to fever pitch amongst the tribes.

“To taste a god must be divine!” said one chief.

However, the euphoria was short-lived after consuming communion wafers:

“These are foul! They taste like cardboard and nothing like flesh at all, let alone divine flesh.”

The taste of the wafers was so traumatising, that many cannibals became vegan so they could refuse to eat the Body of Christ.

The Protestant church is hopeful that their view on Communion could provide a foothold for these tribes to convert.  If you’d like to volunteer to become a missionary to these misunderstood tribes then please click here.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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