Churches remember The Fall by making clocks go back

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A number of churches across the US have begun remembering The Fall by making their clocks go back by an hour this weekend.

Pastor Jason (who has no surname) said, “God is real big on us remembering our faith journey through Baptism and Communion and the Jewish people had even more, such as the feast of tabernacles.  It seemed kinda odd that nowhere do we remember how Adam and Eve fell by eating the fruit from the wrong tree.”

“Some people remember The Fall on Independence Day as clearly that represents how Adam and Eve celebrated the original independence day.  Whereas we feel that it is more biblical to celebrate The Fall in the fall season.”

But what do their celebrations entail?

“Well the clocks go back an hour on Saturday night – this symbolising how we have fallen back or away from God.  Secondly people then arrive to church at the wrong time and then they experience something of the shock and horror that Adam and Eve did when they realised they were naked after eating the fruit.”

Bob was one of those people: “Well I turned up at church and there was like no-one there and my first thought was maybe they all got raptured or something. But then all of a sudden it dawned on me that I hadn’t changed my clock.”

But did it help Bob gain a better understanding of The Fall?

“Well I guess I did feel kinda foolish – you know I prided myself leaving the house on time and then find out it was actually all wrong – so yeah, I guess I understand a bit more of what Adam and Eve felt like.”

Well there you have it.

Does your church take part in the clocks go back remembrance?

We at the Cee would love to hear how it helped you experience more of this historical moment…

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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