Liberal Christians celebrate the meaninglessness of the cross this Easter

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As Christians around the world celebrate Easter today, liberal Christians took to Twitter to proclaim the meaninglessness of the death of Christ:

That’s right, Jesus’ death was not the fulfilment of prophecy but a meaningless act of state violence that should not be celebrated but mourned.  There is no salvific purpose to it at all and sadly it appears that the prophets, and indeed Jesus and the disciples, were all confused.

On the bright side, with no-one’s sins forgiven, heaven is not going to contain anyone who belongs to that denomination you don’t like or indeed anybody at all.

Since the author of the Tweet believes in Liberation theology, we enquired exactly how people were liberated by this statement that condemns everyone to death.  At first, we thought they were using GDPR to get God to delete all record of their sins, but they clarified that it was liberation of theology from Christianity and the Bible:

“Anyone should be welcome to identity as a Christian whether they believe the Gospel or not.  To do otherwise is bigoted and denying who that person really is.”

Well there you have it, as long as you identify as a Christian and sinless, God will welcome you with open arms, for who is He to deny how He made you?   

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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