Man without faith convinced prayer does not work

Church Life

 Luke Warm from Kentucky is convinced prayer doesn’t work.

“When I was a kid I remember my parents praying over the food but it didn’t work as mum’s fish pie always tasted disgusting,” Luke reminisces, “and my lack of faith kinda grew from there.”

“For example, I prayed once back in 2012 for God to bless America but our country is just going to the dogs.  Another time I prayed for God to give wisdom to my friends and in spite of my ten second prayer, they continued to make bad decisions, which I know are bad because I don’t agree with these decisions,” sighed Luke.

“So now I never really believe anything will happen when I pray and that’s always been the case ever since.  Though I think that’s always considered socially acceptable when you say ‘thoughts and prayers’ after some disaster.”

We asked Luke how he has sought to increase his faith so that things change.

“Well, I don’t read the Bible, or testimonies as they would be sure to mess up my convictions that God isn’t caring and doesn’t intervene,” stated Luke, “Also there’s no point praying for more faith as I don’t have any faith to believe that prayer works – so it’s kinda like a catch-22.”

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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