Should I Propose or Just Ask Her Out on a Second Date?

Church Life

Congrats, you did it!

You made it to the first crossroad in a Christian Relationship.

You found a lovely trad girl who was willing to sit across from you at a restaurant for an hour and a half and laugh at all of your stupid jokes.

As you’re walking her to the car, you have this very real fear that you might be the only man leaving Bible college without a wife. This may lead you to have to consider dating someone outside of your denomination and we all know the trouble that causes…

So naturally the question you you’re asking yourself is: Should I Propose or Just Ask Her Out on a Second Date?

It’s a hard question to answer.

I mean, she did say she was dating for marriage, and you do always carry your grandmother’s ring in your back pocket, so it must be destiny!

Maybe this is EXACTLY how you’re supposed to escape these creeping feelings of loneliness and inadequacy.

But, before you rush into giving her your last name, maybe you should make sure you know hers.

I mean, what if she was a cousin you never met?

You just have to admit that you don’t know ANYTHING about this girl.

She made a good conversation partner for the last 90 minutes but that’s all you can make out this early on.

What if she quotes bible verses out of context on Instagram, or prefers boneless wings, or, even worse, is a Modalist??

Ah, you didn’t think of that, did you?

All you thought of was how badly your knee wanted to hit the pavement in that Chili’s Parking lot.

So, all I ask, before you go ahead and ask her to marry you, try a second date. Or at least ask her older brother who’s been chaperoning all night because if she says no, he’ll be sure to make the ride home very awkward.

Reporter: Miles Mortali

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