True Love at Church Camps To Really Make It This Year, Study Finds

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Tulsa, Oklahoma – If you’re looking for true love, but unfortunately are also an introverted, lonely, or just all out unattractive teenager going to church camp this summer, you’re in luck!

A new study was released today stating that church camp relationships are set to increase by a total of 200% this summer. Dr. Erin Gardner, Professor of Adolescent Psychology at North Central Bible Community College and author of “Young Love and Why It Really Will Last This Time,” stated that this study is “probably, can totally almost be trusted.”

Dr. Gardner lead the study along with several teenagers from local youth groups, who were promised free pizza upon completion of their participation.

The study found that this year, due to a combination of economic growth within the United States, a boom of summer blockbusters in the movie theater, and the fact that public transportation is more reliable than your mother’s Chevy Equinox, almost guarantees that if you’re willing to meet halfway, your young romance you made at your church camp will almost certainly make it to the beginning of the school year this fall.

“The real wild card in this whole process,” Dr. Gardner claimed, “is whether or not the couple can maintain the relationship through social media well enough to last until August, and whether or not they’ll be able to balance their budding relationship with school and other extracurricular activities.”

Chances are, according to those teenagers who participated in the study, this year true love really does mean true love. This time.

Reporter: Crass Christian

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