Benny Hinn becomes ten pin bowling champion


Long has Benny Hinn been slaying people in the Spirit but he has in recent years been branching out.  First he released the long-anticipated self-defense course so that others could use this gifting to keep them safe from demons, disease, intruders as well as stomach aches, bad breath and acne*.

But now he has branched out into the world of competitive ten-pin bowling becoming the champion in 50 states.

“I cannot take the credit for my success,” says a humble Benny, “the Lord giveth and the Lord knocketh over.”

Whilst some people are concerned that this is a frivolous use of the Spirit, others are more concerned about how they can possibly beat the Almighty.

 This has led to professional ten-pin bowlers pressing the government to have a separation of church and the bowling clubs.

“In the same way you can’t have prayers in school – it’s only right that you can do it in the ten-pin bowling alley,” said Bob, a rather annoyed ex-champion.

Will the government capitulate?  Well we have no idea as we’re making this up and ran out of ideas after the first paragraph…


*Does not protect from Thanos making people disappear.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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