Chicago demands refund after watching Jussie Smollet’s latest play


Jussie Smollet performed his  Oscar nominated performance of “Cry Wolf” on January 29 this year.  However, despite extensive investigation the police couldn’t find any evidence of this play.

Undeterred, they paid $130,000 to see his acclaimed follow up performance in the play “white privilege”.

There was some pushback over holding the performance in a court house and some white supremacy groups claimed this was cultural appropriation.

But the real kicker was the length of the performance.

Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, had this to say, “We were expecting this latest masterpiece from Jussie Smollet to last a couple of days minimum but it finished after only one day.  We want a refund!  I don’t care if this is art, it’s a rip-off!”

Supporters of Jussie, pointed out to the mayor that he should also take into consideration that the play included his stirring performance outside the court claiming that he was innocent and had always told the truth.

Chicago’s population were mixed in their response. 

Some were outraged like the mayor over the length of this new performance whereas others criticised the Academy not nominating the make-up artist on “Cry Wolf” for their great work making two Nigerians appear so white that Jussie was honestly confused as to their racial origins.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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