Church youth short-term mission trip to empty CHAZ CHOP hailed a success!


The youth group from “All About Dat Grace” church has hailed its recent short-term mission to the former Capital Hill Organised Protest (CHOP) or Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) a success.

Forward-thinking youth Leader JJ has been planning this trip for over a month:

“Originally, we wanted to go at the start – but it took time to raise the funds through socially distanced car-washing or cakes by post.  And then there were all those health and safety forms.  When we’d completed that the shootings and assaults began, and so we had to wait until it was safe before we let the youth there.”

The Youth group devoted themselves to pray for the area in the meantime.

“Then we heard the news that the police have removed the protesters and restored control, circumstances were ripe for our visit!”

The visit consisted of an afternoon: a couple of hours to understand the culture and take photos in front of the land marks with 10 minutes at the end to talk to the protesters about Jesus.

“This mission was so successful,” said youth group member Al, “Our prayers must have worked because the place was calm with all the protesters gone! Sadly this meant we couldn’t complete the last part of our mission – but I got some great photos and even sent a postcard to my parents and pastor from this mission trip!”

“The protester’s declared CHOP/CHAZ to be a new country, so I can now say that I have been on a mission trip to another country!” said, Ellie, an excited youth group member.

Following the success of this mission trip, the church board decided to defer their usual sacking of the youth pastor before the first year.

Image Credit: Derek Simeone
Reporter: The Lonely Rogue and John Spencer

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