Climate Scientists to be given 501c3 Tax exempt status


 The worldwide community has experienced a tidal wave of religious revival over the past month, sparked by prophetic child progeny Greta Thunberg.

For those who do not know, Greta fueled the flames of religious fervor by boldly pointing her finger at politicians and demanding that they don’t listen to her, but listen to the testimony of climate scientists!

The conclave concluded with a divided opinions concerning Greta’s motives. However, in a vote of confidence by the worldwide community, the environmental protestors took to the street and began burning tires and cars.

The smoke and fumes signified that a leader had indeed been chosen…Greta Thunberg!

After condemning the generation who made the tires and cars that caused the damaging smoke and fumes, Greta’s first act as the supreme moral authority of the world will be to appoint advisors who will function as magistrates and moral legates speaking on her behalf.

We are able to confirm that a large majority of these magistrates will be comprised of climate scientists (or those who identify as climate scientists) who agree with Greta.

However, Archbishop Justin Welby is also rumored to be in line for an appointment after his brave stance encouraging persecuted Christians to recycle.

In the meantime, all climate scientists who fit this description are immediately encouraged to seek direction by praying to Gaia (Mother Earth) who will impart her grace through tax-exempt status to each benefactor.

Religious followers in San Francisco, CA responded to the news of Greta’s coronation by painting a large mural of her likeness on the side of a building.

There are already many reports of healings as a result of touching the painting itself. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Reporter: Tuthmosis

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