Archbishop Justin Welby encourages persecuted Christians to recycle

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Archbishop Justin Welby has concluded his 10 day tour of India, whose Christians are facing increased persecution since the Hindu fundamentalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014,

In a message of solidarity, the archbishop encouraged them to heed the words of the prophet Greta Thunberg about the “great and terrible day of the LORD” which is of course about the coming climate emergency. 

He encouraged the persecuted Christians to recycle their communions cups and the ensure that church buildings contain no materials that would pollute the atmosphere when they are burnt down by Hindu extremests.

The archbishop, who Adrian Hilton says “speaks boldly to the conscience of each nation he visits, and ministers to individual hearts with the peace and love of Christ,” bravely avoided confessing Christ in the media or challenging Prime Minister Modi to uphold Article 25 of the Indian Constitution which upholds the freedom of religion.

Justin Welby wrote that it was the responsibility of political leaders to “speak out on universal principles, such as the rule of law,” and therefore concentrated on this climate emergency which conveniently does not require the Church of South India to deal with their fraud and corruption nor the Anglican church to actually follow the teachings of the Bible. 

Source: Jules Gomes  Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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