Joe Biden chooses Mike Pence for VP in unprecedented move


There had been much speculation over who Joe Biden would choose for vice president, with everyone thinking Kamala Harris was the favourite.

Ms Harris was seen as the natural choice as she has similar politics to Mr Biden and she represents the safe state of California.  Also Joe Biden was under pressure by the Democratic Party to have a woman of colour as his veep.

However, no-one had the slightest idea that he would select Mike Pence as VP!

The unprecedented announcement this morning was first met with shock and incredulity, but when the dust cleared his polling figures shot way up.

Joe Biden stated, “I wanted to make my choice of VP a non-issue in the election, with both of us having Pence as the VP then we can ensure that the focus is solely on the difference between myself and Trump.”

The move certainly seems to have paid off.  We asked Mr Biden why he thought that was.

“I wanted to attract Republicans to my campaign who only voted for Trump simply because they liked Pence as VP. Now they can still vote for me and get the Vice President they want!”

Mike Pence commented, “I just want to continue to serve the American people, and being the VP candidate for both parties is the best way to make that happen.”

When asked to comment on the choice of VP’s, President Trump stated that his own running mate was a great governor and did a great job for his state, but Biden’s running mate was a lousy governor who did very little for his state.

However, with a conservative Christian as VP and both of them being white men, Mr Biden is going to identify as a black lesbian to ensure that every voter base is covered.

Reporter: Justin Kiddin

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