NFL 2020 SEASON: COVID measures explained!


With the NFL 2020 season about to kick off, everyone wants to know “What is the NFL 2020 season COVID plan?”

Well, maybe not the British who think that American football is just Rugby for pansys.

We already know that some teams will play without an audience (which admittedly is nothing new for the Jets) and the Washington Redskins have re-branded several times to be culturally sensitive. 

But what about all the other changes to ensure that players are protected from COVID?

But we at the Cee asked Roger Goodell, NFL’s Commissioner, to outline the NFL 2020 season COVID plan for us:

“There are a number of modifications to this year’s play:

“Firstly, All NFL players will be required to wear a face mask underneath their helmets, both on and off the field, and in the showers. Though players can remove their helmet when showering.

“Secondly, to keep the footballs clean and Covid-19 free, the balls themselves will be routinely dipped in hand sanitizer in between plays. Players and coaches are already asking how they ever played football without sanitizer-soaked balls. No wonder they caught coughs and colds and broken ankles!

“Thirdly, all tackling will be done via social distancing. In the 2020 season a tackler must remain six feet apart from the man with the ball and call out ‘tackle!’ while making a tackling gesture. If the man with the ball does not willingly fall to the ground, ‘please tackle!’ must be called until the receiver complies. Officials anticipate this to be an effective deterrent to tackling, since NFL players are known for being calm and easy going.”

Rumour has it, that the New York Jets have decided to not play this season but rather stay home and social distance this year, as “it’s the responsible thing to do.” 

“We certainly wouldn’t want to add to our fans despair during these trying times.”

Reporter: The lonely rogue

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