Trump prank calls Stuttering John Melendez


Yesterday Trump prank called Stuttering John Melendez from Air Force One.  The comedian, best known for asking impertinent questions to celebrities at events with his stuttering on The Howard Stern Show, initially prank called the President posing as Senator Bob Menendez.

However, the President, who is a fan of John’s work, realised the ruse and prank called him back from Air Force One pretending to go along with it.  He then asked Stuttering John some impertinent questions of his own about John’s Puerto Rican’s immigration status and how John’s ex-wife was enjoying all his possessions.

To top it off, Trump is now pretending to be upset by the call by sending Secret Service agents to “interview” Melendez.

The banter that those two friends are having right now is just fantastic, even if it is conducted through their lawyers.

We would have loved to have given you more details but unfortunately, John Melendez was hiding in an undisclosed location and therefore was unavailable for interview.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible

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