Trump’s blood key to new Coronavirus cure!


After being diagnosed with COVID-19, Trump was hospitalised and then made, a miraculous recovery.

President Trump commented that his virus was “huge, the worst case the doctor’s have ever seen.”

So doctors were astonished that within two days, the president was up and in fighting form.  Further investigation revealed that the bone marrow from the racist bone that was recently found in his body was producing a unique protein that was preventing the Coronavirus from infecting further cells.

“It seems that the racist bone has developed this protein to specifically keep immigrants, such as viruses, out of the president’s body,” said an astounded doctor whose name we forgot, “Literally it forces it back into the President’s lungs and one big cough and he was free of the infection!”

President Trump has agreed to offer bone marrow donations if he wins the election in November. 

Needless to say, groups such as BLM and ANTIFA have taken up the cause of the oppressed virus and condemned the presidents evil viralism.

“We can’t believe that in the 21st century, viruses are not welcome here.  We will do all we can to oppose this behaviour by spreading COVID far and wide by our non-socially distanced demonstrations.”

Demonstrators were soon seen holding placards saying “COVID-19 immigrants welcome here!” and “No more N95 hate crime!” outside of the Whitehouse.

It is yet to be seen whether these groups will join forces with the anti-vaxxers, if so it will be yet another remarkable peace deal negotiated by President Trump.

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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