UK united behind Brexit after Eurovision result


After more than two year’s of a divided nation and an equally divided Parliament, the UK stood as one firmly behind Brexit after Saturday’s Eurovision 2019 final.

No, not the exit from the EU but the exit from the Eurovision song contest.

The United Kingdom came 26th…out of 26 countries with a score so low that even the ground swallowing them up wouldn’t have been enough to cover their shame.

“How can we stay in the Eurovision after they have spurned our music – we’re the nation that brought the Beatles, Elton John and Queen to the world!” said one commentator.

MPs, who had previously sought another vote until the people chose what they wanted with regard to breaking away from the EU, instead opted for a “no-deal” Brexit from the Eurovision.

Theresa May is heading to Brussels today with the full backing of the parliament together with a letter from the Queen who claims she “never watches it anyway”.

Instead they plan to hold their own competition, the UK-ovision, which will consist of only one act from the UK that the judges and nation votes on.  “We have every confidence that we will not only win this future competition but show other nations how we can win even without their support!”

Reporter: John Spencer aka Not the Bible 

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